Draught proofing timber doors

Older buildings are prone to heat loss through cracks and gaps which develop as various building elements move and distort over a long period.

draught proofing timber doors, draught proof doors

Draught proofing your timber doors is a really effective way of making your home feel warmer and quieter. It’s also one of the simplest, most cost-effective and energy efficient changes you can make to your home. Draught proofing is perfectly suited to buildings with Grade I and II listing, as draught proofing systems are discreetly housed within the door frame.

Why should you draught proof your timber doors?

Draught proofing external timber doors is a great way to stop cold draughts entering the property. Obviously draught proofing external doors should be the priority, since this will stop cold outside air entering the property in the first instance; but doors that separate cold rooms from warm rooms should also be draught-proofed to prevent the unwanted circulation of air between the two, especially if you have a separate internal foyer or additional internal front door.

Draught proofing timber doors: the facts

A typical external door allows warm air to leak out from your room in a similar way to water leaking from a hose. This means you’re paying to heat air that’s constant escaping from your home – something that’s both expensive and inefficient.

Draught proofing your doors will result in:

  • Less rattling of doors during those blustery autumn and winter winds.
  • Warmer rooms and reduced heating bills.
  • Increased energy efficiency and a reduction in your carbon footprint.
  • A significant reduction in outside noise levels.
draught proofing timber doors, draught proof doors

We were really surprised by the difference it made having our doors draught proofed, we had them done the year after our sash windows and now the hall and kitchen no longer feel like igloos during the winter. ”

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