Sash window repairs and renovation

Generally, sash windows were designed to be serviced and repaired every 12 to 15 years. We’re experts at repairing or replacing each different element of your sash window, as well as fixing rattles, broken sash cords, and making sure they look (and work) as good as new.

How we renovate your sash windows

1. We carefully remove the sash window from the box frame.

2. Any decaying timber in the boxes, frame or sill is routed out to expose the original wood.

3. New, matching timber is spliced in and all cavities filled in order to seal the window, and minimise energy loss via gaps between the frame and sashes.

4. We replace the sash cords, service the pulleys, and balance everything correctly to ensure smooth movement when opening and closing the windows.

5. Finally, we replace the window furniture using best quality Brighton catches and sash lifts, together with insurance-approved locks for improved security.

Exact replicas

If we need to replace any part of your sash widows, we always make sure that the architectural integrity is maintained and that everything is created as an exact match to the original.