Sash windows Arundel and Petworth

In Arundel and Petworth we’re the local sash window and casement window repair and renovation experts. From period flint houses and cottages, timber framed buildings to Victorian terraced homes – we’ve helped to repair, restore a preserve some of the most beautiful buildings across West Sussex.

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We’re experts in restoring sash windows and casement (side-hung) windows and doors

Common issues people face with their sash windows and casement windows is them becoming jammed, rattling, draughty or stuck, we can come to your home and fix the problem with ease.

Renovating sash windows and casement windows in and around Arundel and Petworth

Renovating sash windows and casement windows is always more cost effective than installing new ones and also helps preserve the architectural integrity of your home. Our thorough renovation process involves removing the windows, refining and replacing damaged timber, and then reinstalling to ensure they are draught proof and weather resistant.

Casement window renovations

Our craftsmen also repair, renovate or replace casement windows for both listed, and unlisted properties. Regardless of the period of the window, we can provide new for old, like for like and also draught proof with our unique brushes and double glazing solutions.

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What to expect from your window restoration

After the initial technical survey and quote phase, depending on what’s need we’ll send Jon our technical surveyor to your home to take exact measurements and note which repairs are necessary. On the day we ask that you clear the area around the window to be repaired, so the we have space for tools and to move around without damaging your furniture.

We will then approach each repair we typically take the following approach:

  1. We remove your current / old windows from the window frame
  2. Remove decaying timber which may exist in the units, frame or sill
  3. Where existing timber is beyond we splice in new hardwood timber
  4. Fill any cavities with our high-quality epoxy resin, which is then moulded to match any existing profiles perfectly
  5. Replace the cords with new high-quality cord, service the pulley and correct the sash balance to ensure smooth operation – nobody wants a sash window that won’t stay open!
  6. Upgrade the seal by draught proofing the whole window, which virtually eliminating draughts and rattles.

Arundel and Petworth – new sash windows installation

If restoration or repair of your original timber sash windows is not an option, we can craft new sash windows for your property. We will use your original windows to inspire our design, so you can rest assured that your home will retain its authentic period styling. However, thanks to our innovative methods, it will feel wonderfully warm, too.

New casement windows design and installation company

All of our new casement windows are made from sustainably sourced timber, and can match any moulding or profile to produce exact replicas of the original windows of any building. Our state of the art machinery means we can work to any specific requirements or details, and we also install a full draught proofing system into each new frame, so your new windows are as energy efficient as possible.

Secondary glazing

Secondary glazing is a brilliant option for Grade 1 and Grade 2 listed properties. Secondary glazing adds a second sheet of glass to a window with an air gap in between it and the existing window. This allows you to retain the original windows without altering them. The Glasgow tests found that secondary glazing cut heat loss by around 60%.

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