Sash window sill repairs and replacements in Brighton, Hove & Sussex

Sash window sill restoration: replacing rotten timber and using our specialist epoxy resin system means we can save almost all original windows, saving you money on replacements and helping preserve the original character of your period home.

Full height sash windows - Sash window repairs and renovation in Brighton & Hove

What causes rotten sash window and casement window sills?

Unfortunately our window sills catch the brunt end of the good old, damp British weather. And your window’s elevation and aspect also play a role – south and south-west facing windows are often most affected by the weather, since more sun exposure can crack the paint work, which allows moisture to penetrate the window sill.

Since the sill is located at the bottom of the window, this is the place where most water gathers as it runs down and off the window. The water causes the paint to flake and crack so that the timber underneath is no longer protected. When water gets into the timber, decay and rot can set in.

Similarly, if the exterior paintwork on your traditional sash windows has not been kept in good decorative order, rainwater will slowly soak into the timber. Initially, this will cause the window sill to rot but, left untreated, the moisture can spread further into the lower parts of the box frame and into the lower sash itself, leading to major wet rot problems.

If rotten timber issues continue to remain unaddressed, the rainwater can soak through into the plasterwork beneath, causing further and often extensive interior damage to your home.

rotten sash window and casement window sills for repair and renovation

Can rotten sash window sills be repaired?

Just because one section of the window has become decayed, it doesn’t mean that the full window needs replacing. With the right methods and expertise, an experienced timber craftsperson can repair or replace the sash window sill with a new hardwood section Or we can splice in a new piece of timber and treat and fill the damaged area – our approach depends on the extend of the rot and how the sill has been maintained.

That way, your window will be given a new, solid foundation, which will be resealed and protected to make sure the problem doesn’t happen again. Depending on the extent of the timber defect, we can even replace the complete sill and the outer lower box assembly to ensure all rot is removed completely and new, well sealed joints are constructed. This means the box frame regains its integrity and strength, leaving no gaps between the sill and the frame that could cause future water ingress problems.

At the end of the sash window sill repair process, you’ll find your period sashes revived and restored to their full function and beauty. We’re proud to say that our sash window repair service has saved literally thousands of windows, prolonging their lifespan when other companies have recommended unnecessary and costly replacement.

Replacement sash window sills and casement window sills in Brighton, Hove & Sussex

If your sill is beyond repair we create and install bespoke hardwood timber window sills to match the originals. We have even provided beautiful solid oak window sills for period cottages with both casement and Crittall windows. If required, we can also supply complete new, handmade sash window boxes or casement window frames. All of our windows can be supplied in whatever format you need: painted, primed, or bare timber.

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