Café style shutters for sash windows

Sleek shutters that only cover the bottom part of your window. Cafe style shutters only cover the lower portion of the window, leaving the top clear for maximum light. They’re a great choice for rooms which require privacy over light reduction.

Café style shutters fitted onto a sash window - exterior image

Café style shutters for sash windows and bay windows

Café style shutters are ideal for living rooms and kitchens that face the street, and for enhancing the authentic look of Victorian properties as you can match the height, with the mid / meeting rail of the sash window. That said, they fit perfectly with contemporary décor too and offer a huge amount of kerb appeal to any home. They can also work nicely with 30-4os style windows when taken higher up to match the upper third glazing bars.

This solution allows light to flood in through the top half of your window, while allowing you privacy and a statement below. Not only are café style shutters a beautiful expression of taste and flair, they’re also a smart and practical way to block out unwanted attention from the pavement outside. So you can enjoy bright sunshine and total privacy, all in one.

Why choose café style shutters?

Unlike our full height plantation shutters, the beauty of café style is that they only cover the bottom half of the window. So even with added privacy for your home, you can still enjoy the warming glow of the summer sun, filtering into your home.

If you want to accentuate your existing window features, such as stained glass, then café style shutters are the choice for you. Only covering part of the opening they’re ideal for this purpose, as well as providing easy access for operating period wooden sash windows.

Why we love café style shutters…

  • Choose from a range of wood stain or painted shades, including custom colours
  • Waterproof options available for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Let in plenty of daylight, even when shutters are closed

Energy efficiency

Combined with our double glazing and draught proofing systems, shutters can dramatically reduce your heating costs. In fact, tests by Historic England showed that a combination of all three resulted in more than a 62% reduction in heat loss – meaning better savings for you and the environment.

Café style shutters fitted onto a sash window - exterior image

We thought having a bay window meant we couldn't have cafe style shutters. But when we chatted through the options and what we wanted to achieve, we realised we could keep our beautiful stained glass windows details at the top. But stop the nosey people walking past peering in. Thanks Top Notch - they look cracking! ”

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