Timber is by far the best environmental option for your windows and doors – so long as the wood is sourced from properly managed forests and care is taken in the choice of preservatives, paints and stains. We ensure, wherever possible, that all of our timber comes from sustainable sources, and we work with all our suppliers to make sure their supply chains are PEFC, FSC or SCA certified – meaning your windows and doors not only look great, but look after the environment too.


Hardwoods tend to be sourced from deciduous, broad-leaf trees, meaning they’re denser than softwoods, and more weather resistant and robust. Because the cost difference between soft and hardwood isn’t vast, this means we prefer to use hardwood for the majority of our joinery, including doors, sashes, casements and window sills – allowing us to produce quality craftsmanship that lasts for many years to come. We use all types of hardwood, ranging from European Oak to locally sourced Chestnut, and can easily work to any preferences you may have.


Softwoods are usually sourced from coniferous trees, meaning they can be susceptible to wet rot if not treated or maintained correctly. We are more than happy to provide quote options for softwoods such as Redwood and Larch, but would recommend using specialist paints to ensure you get the best possible results and longevity for your joinery.