Double glazing

Double glazing for sash windows

Whenever possible, we prefer to use slimline double glazing units. Currently the most thermally efficient double glazing system available, slimline units are made from the much hailed, Planitherm glass. The main advantage of using slimline, double glazing units being they can be fitted into your original sashes, thus saving waste, and a little piece of history.

All of our slime-line double glazing units (usually 4mm or 6mm glass panes separated by a small space) are filled with gas, providing insulation, sound reduction, reduced condensation, and maximum thermal efficiency. You can choose which gas we use depending on your requirements.

We source our glass from a wide range of top quality suppliers – from world leaders such as Pilkington and St Gobain, through to small, independent suppliers of specialist products.

You can have your double glazed units filled with the gas of your choice:

Argon gas

This is a non toxic, non reactive and odourless gas, and is the cheapest, most commonly used gas for double glazing. Argon conducts heat at about 70% of the speed of air, meaning it keeps warmth in quite well. However, we tend not to initially quote with Argon as we feel Krypton offers better thermal heating properties.

Krypton gas

Like Argon, this is non toxic, non reactive and odourless, and whilst it’s slightly more expensive, it has a far better thermal performance – meaning it keeps your house warmer, is more energy efficient, and will save you more money in the long run.

Xenon gas

This is the ‘Ferrari’ of gases, with a thermal performance outclassing both Argon and Krypton. However, it can be pretty pricey, and so not as cost-effective as the other two.