Draught proofing sash windows and casement windows

Draught proof your timber sash windows, casement windows and timber doors. Get rid of those pesky draughts, rattles and extra dust.

Draught Proofing Casement Windows, Draught Proofing Sash Windows

Why draught proof your sash windows, casement windows?

About one fifth of a home’s heating is lost through windows. Most of that escapes through air gaps rather than through the glass. Research has shown that air infiltration through a sash window in good condition can be reduced by as much as 86% by adding draught-proofing. And it has the added advantage of reducing noise and dust.

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Sash window draughts and rattles

Original sash and casement windows bring traditional charm to a property, but they are renowned for draughts and rattles, especially in windy weather. Many people contact us to help them draught-proof their timber windows, so they can enjoy a cosier and quieter home. Draught proofing can also protect windows from damage caused by rattling in adverse conditions.

Cost effective

Original windows and doors are a key part of the character and interest of older buildings, and should be retained where possible. Draught proofing is one of the cheapest and least intrusive methods of cutting down on heat lost through windows and doors, and the costs can be quickly recovered by the energy savings.

Our draught proofing expertise

The air gap of 3mm around sashes enable the windows to slide past one another for smooth operation. However, it’s this air gap that causes draughts, rattles, dust ingress and reduced energy efficiency. Our tried and tested system will draught proof your sash windows and eliminate these problems, without compromising the look of your home.

The benefits of draught proofing your home include:

  • Banishes rattles
  • Stops water and dust ingress
  • Helps to reduce outside noise being heard in your home
  • Keeps warm air in to reduce your energy bills
  • Allows your windows and doors to open and close smoothly

Draught proofing for renovation project or new joinery

Whether we’re repairing your sash or casement windows, or manufacture brand new timber windows, we usually draught proof as standard. This includes our high-performance weatherfin pile, which we install in our unique parting bead between the sashes, in the new staff beads around the window, and directly into the mid and bottom rail of your sash windows. The result is that the perimeter of your sash window is draught proofed, for warmth and less rattling.

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