Discreet slimline double glazing for timber sash windows and casement windows

We’re experts in installing discreet, slimline double glazing for timber sash windows, casement windows and French doors, in and around Brighton. We can help make your home toasty warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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Our double glazing solutions will help you keep the traditional charm of your wooden windows, while also benefiting from modern energy performance, sound insulation, less condensation and improved security.

How does double glazing work for wooden, double glazed sash windows?

Even though glass is classed as an insulator, with a single pane separating the outside and inside air, any warmth in your room is whipped away by a cold window. In older properties where the original glass is really thin, warmth can literally seep through the glass. Double glazing works by adding a second pane of glass. The gap between the layers of glass is filled with an inert gas, like Krypton, or Argon, which is an excellent insulator. This separates the warm air inside your home from the cold air outside of your home.

We offer two double glazed options for sash window sand casement windows

  1. We can retrofit slimline, double glazing and install them into your existing sash or casement windows
  2. We can craft bespoke, new Accoya or hardwood double glazed windows

Retrofitting: adding double glazing to your existing box sash windows

If you look at any original sash windows or casement windows, you’ll notice that the glazing bars – that the panes are positioned between – are relatively slim. They were designed to hold a single pane of delicate glass. The increased depth of a modern double glazed unit means that it’s larger and heavier, and simply wouldn’t fit in, or be supported by, the original timber glazing bars. That’s why we use slimline double glazed units. And depending on the style of your windows we can retro fit them directly into your existing timber sash windows. We then correctly balance them to ensure they open and close smoothly.

High quality slimline double glazing

The thickness of the double glazed unit that we can fit will depend on the thickness of the existing sashes. These vary from window to window, but we usually fit a 14mm slim line double glazed unit (2 panes of 4mm glass and a 6mm gap). These have been approved by planning officers around the UK for use in Listed and Conservation properties and can be designed to meet Part L thermal building regulations.

Our high quality timber windows include individually glazed slimline double glazing units with solid, traditional glazing bars, combining the thermal and acoustic benefits of modern sash and casement windows with the original look and character of period windows.

Box sash windows with slimline double glazing

Each window is made to measure, and available in a choice of materials, mouldings and horns, enabling homeowners to benefit from energy efficient double glazing, whilst replicating the original design of the sash windows.

We are able to offer a range of glazing thicknesses and glass types, including acoustic, patterned and reproduction Crown glass, with any glazing bar configuration or without glazing bars. Our slim double glazing gives us the ability to replicate the narrow glazing bars so important to maintaining a truly authentic period look.

All windows are fully draught proofed at the same time to ensure a snug fit and to keep you toasty.

How do I install double glazed sash windows and casement windows in my home?

We can craft made-to-measure double glazed sashes and fit them into your existing window box frame. We can also make completely new double glazed sash windows, bespoke to your property. Both options retain the integrity of your period windows, while making your home as comfortable as possible.

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