Double glazing for casement windows

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Having your casement windows double glazed is easily done and its a great way of saving heat and reducing noise, without spoiling the character of your home. In most cases, we would recommend slim line double glazing units, since they achieve maximum thermal efficiency whilst making minimum difference to the appearance of your existing windows. All our double glazed replicas can be manufactured to fit your existing casement frames, and are made with carefully selected sustainable timber for superior quality.


The thickness of the double glazed unit that we fit will vary from window to window, but we usually use a 14mm slim line double glazed unit (2 panes of 4mm glass and a 6mm gap).


If you’re finding it difficult to stay warm and cosy in your home, we can improve your house’s thermal insulation by using gas filled double glazed units. We have lots of different options – from argon and krypton to xenon gas. If you’d like to explore these, you can read more here, or just give us a call to talk it through.