Casement window restoration

Restoration is a really cost-effective way of upgrading your existing casement windows, without splashing out on expensive replacements.

Casement window restoration, , casement windows brighton

Many old casement windows have suffered because of a breakdown of the animal glues used during construction – making them more susceptible to fungal and insect attack. We can repair these using modern adhesives that have a much longer shelf life, as well as carrying out the other repairs that restore your windows to their original high quality.

How we renovate your casement windows

  1. We realign the window frames, ensuring that they open and close in the smoothest possible way.
  2. Similarly, we service each of the hinges to make operation easier.
  3. The window furniture is all serviced to ensure correct alignment.
  4. The necessary timber parts are replaced with exact match, sustainable wood.
  5. We cut a special groove for the brush into the edges of each casement.
  6. And finally, we re-fix casements to the original frame.

Environmental benefits

We can help make your energy bill smaller by draught proofing and replacing single-glazed windows with a minimum of B-rated double glazing, this could amount to around £165 per year on your energy bills. This can also help reduce your carbon footprint: by using less fuel, you’ll generate less of the carbon dioxide that leads to global warming – typically, 680kg a year.

Replace or repair

Whenever possible, we like to restore your casement windows. We only ever suggest replacements  when the casement windows are completely beyond repair. A casement window’s performance is upgraded using the same principles used on sash windows and through this process you can greatly improve the energy efficiency by stopping draughts and rattles.

Noise and warmth

We can offer a range of solutions depending on the listing or your home or your budget. If you are based near a busy road (or fed up of the seagulls in Brighton!) we have sound proofing options such as acoustic glass for casement windows.

Casement window restoration, , casement windows brighton

We thought we were going to have to replace most of the widows in our new house due to the previous owner leaving them in such a state. We are pleased to say we managed to retain all of the original windows and they now look as good as new.”

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