Our philosophy

We put sustainability right at the heart of our business. From our paperless office, to the FSC timbers we use for our windows, doors and shutters, every area of our work aims to take better care of your home, and of our environment.

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Repair or recycle

Old timber is often far better quality than new, and should last for over 100 to 150 years if looked after correctly – making it a far more sustainable option. As part of our initial assessment, we always look at how we can keep as much of your original windows, boxes and doors as possible. And if we do need to replace anything, we keep the amount of waste sent to landfill as low as we can by recycling whatever we can.

FSC timber

We source nearly all of our timber from local, artisan craftsmen who use forests that meet recognised timber certification schemes, such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Read more information about the materials we use

Energy efficiency

Poor insulation can result in your home losing heat, and you losing money. By draught proofing your existing doors and windows, we can vastly improve the thermal efficiency of your home, whilst cutting your bills and making everything a bit warmer and quieter too.

Saving money

Our draught proofing and double glazing services offer a quick return on investment, saving you money year after year. What’s more, you’ll be charged a lower rate of VAT when we carry out energy-saving work on your home – whether that’s draught proofing or insulation. And if your house is new, you pay no VAT at all.

Find out more about saving energy (and money) at the Energy Saving Trust.

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