How much does it cost to repair or replace a sash window?

Renovating and repairing you existing sash windows in almost all cases will result in short, medium, and long term costs savings, as well as being better for the environment.

Sash window costs - the cost of repairs or replacmenets

Costs for repairing sash windows or casement windows

The cost depends very much on how much work each sash window or casement window needs and what condition it is in. And this varies from home to home and window to window. But standard draught-proofing, without replacing rotten sills, glazing etc, costs approximately £200-£300 per window.

This is an estimate though, and we do offer a free no-obligation survey and quotation. This means we can come and see the windows and talk you through our service and the best options available to you. Our quotation gives you a full price breakdown, window by window.

New timber sash windows or casement windows costs

The cost of bespoke timber sash or casement windows varies depending on a number of factors. The style, size, type of glazing and hardware can all make a difference. Every one of our sash and casement windows is made bespoke for your property, so we don’t have a price list or off-the-shelf range. However, we do provide a detailed quote following our surveys.

Cost of replacing sash windows with double glazing

Replacing your old sash windows with double glazing is a simple enough job. But the cost varies depending on the type of glazing you want / need and the style and size of the sash. We don’t have a price list or off-the-shelf range as every window size is unique.

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