FENSA registered, accredited sash window installer

FENSA is a government-authorised scheme that monitors building regulation compliance for replacement windows and doors.

We’re a sash window and casement window FENSA approved company

Every FENSA Approved Installer, from large national brands to small local companies, is assessed regularly by us to ensure its standards are continually maintained. A sample of the work of every installer is inspected by FENSA appointed inspectors to ensure standards are maintained and installers who fail to perform can be suspended or even excluded from the scheme.

A FENSA registered fitter will notify FENSA of each installation when the fitting work is complete. FENSA make random checks to monitor the standard of installations, they also inform local authorities of all completed FENSA installations and issue certificates to householders confirming compliance. In addition, by using a FENSA registered company you will benefit from reduced costs as you will avoid the need for local authority inspections and fees.

Why do I need a FENSA registered sash window company?

Back in 2002 the government introduced new legislation, which designed to conserve heat loss in private houses and improve energy efficiency. These requirements are laid out in what’s called Part L of the Building Regulations. What this means is that all windows and doors in newly built houses, and complete replacement windows in old houses meet minimum thermal efficiency standards (U-Values). Houses that are listed or within a conservation area do not need to comply to these regulations and if listed, are unable to meet the criteria due to the aesthetic limitations of double glazing.

It’s important to ensure that any new sash or casement window or doors that are fitted in your home can be shown to certified and compliant under Part L. There are two main ways of gaining certification. One way is to apply to your local authority to obtain building regulations approval, or building control as it is often referred to. But this approach can be time consuming and expensive, as it requires inspection by council officers. The other way is to have your work carried out by a FENSA registered company, like us, as we’ve already been certified and authorised to fit Part L compliant windows and doors without the need for supervision.

If non-compliant replacement sash, casement windows or doors are fitted, this can have an impact on the value of the house and make it tricky to sell, or worst case, home owner can be faced with a substantial fine from their local authority.

What doesn’t need to be included?

A FENSA registered company covers items such as, new sash window boxes, new casement windows with a frame, or even a new door with frame. FENSA certification isn’t needed or required for the replacement of individual sashes or side-hung casement windows within existing frames due to Part L classifications.

Our FENSA Registered number is: 38011

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