Secondary glazing

Secondary glazing image

Secondary glazing is a great alternative to having new sash windows made, it’s energy-efficient, cost-effective and even allows you to keep your original sash windows, which means its better for the environment too. Secondary glazing is also a popular alternative for listed buildings or properties, as it doesn’t affect the external apprentice of your sash windows.

Secondary glazing adds a second sheet of glass to a window frame, allowing you to retain original windows without making damaging alterations, tests by English Heritage also found that it cut heat loss by around 60%.

Sound proofing

Noise can be a big problem, especially if you live near railway lines, by busy roads, or next to a prime spot for seagull mating! Again, secondary glazing is perfect for sound proofing, it provides a large cavity space and will create a more effective noise reduction solution than acoustic glass, or double glazing. Sarah Beeny has some top tips from her recent programme, Double Your House for Half the Money.

How does it work

Secondary glazing involves the installation of new, fully independent secondary window frames that are fitted inside the room of the existing sash window(s).

There are a number secondary glazing options we can offer which include:

  • Lift out secondary glazing – this is the most cost-effective option, and is best suited to rooms or properties where you don’t need to open your sash windows very often.
  • Vertical sliding secondary glazing – this solution is mainly used for vertical sliding sashes with the meeting rails aligning and the same level as the sash window meeting rails so they’re visually perfect.
  • Horizontal sliding secondary glazing – this option is best suited to casement windows, as the additional glazing is side-hinged.
  • Casement-style secondary glazing – this option can be used for both sash and casement windows. It is best suited when full, and regular access is needed to open and close the windows, and there is enough room to accommodate them being full opened.